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First two on the job!:)

Well I can say that the past two days have been information over load. Coming out of framing houses for the past year and now working with a tile sitter is a bit of a change. I like it. The pace is not quite the same or maybe Its just I don’t have a clue as to what im doing. I found myself doing a lot of looking, asking way to many questions and cleaning. Since the sitter “shawn” is paying most of my money I feel like I should be doing more. Oh! I did get to cut my first piece of tile it was porcelain and I used his Rubi 26" and nibblers I did ok didn’t cut but one wrong and that was because some adjusted my guide for me He told me yesterday that he would pay me 7 bucks an hour but now today he said 10 bucks and hour and an hour each day for travel. So I guess I can’t compline about starting out at to low a wage. We also talked about me getting paid piece work for backer board and later one in say about six months or so getting paid piece work for tile work him being in the same house that is just maybe in another room or something. I don’t wont to get to far a head of myself but so far so good.. One thing though can anyone give me any ideas on what I can do in order to be a good tile helper?? Besides showing up every day?? And thanks a lot for your in put on my last post it was a lot of help.
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