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Awfully sweet camera, Dave (the tile guy)! I dropped my last one too and broke the lens; actually it fell off the top of a beer bottle at the bar trying to get a timed group photo... live and learn Cripeny look at the zoom on that thing! Anti-shake... very nice. Hey here's a wonderful resource I just found that gives a great review of the camera. I don't recall that site being so indepth when I researched for the digicam I have now.

Yeah, I saw your fingers holding the Indian head up after I went back to take a closer look at it. It's still neat as heck no matter what size it is! Hmm, butternut wood. Sounds like it smells good Did you finish it with anything?

Yep, I like to play in the digi-darkroom, but I also like some stuff just as it is. Here's a picture of a bunch of rental bikes at a resort. Nothing changed except for a little cropping. It's one of my favorite shots from that trip I also like the b&w one I shot, but it doesn't show the rust and sand.
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