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Holy COW Kurt! That Indian is fanominal. How big is it, what kind of wood is it, and how long did it take to carve? Very cool.

And speaking of cool! So is the long exposure of the stars. WOW. Dang, here in the city I could never get something like that. There's way too much 'noise' at night to keep the lense open for much longer than 20 seconds . You're using a traditional camera I assume? Very neat stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!

I must have missed that promo at the 7-11! Davy, what's your "pool player" made of? He looks so shiny. Is he modeled after you ?

And of course Jack's work is always fanominal! Very nice! I'm assuming that's to be a pool table room?

Great stuff guys!
"Often it's life's simplest things that bring the greatest pleasures"

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