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I have to give credit to my carving instructor "Jeff Phares" for teaching the daylights otta me. Before last October, I didn't know my arse from one of those carving pointed sharp thingies. That's my first real carving. Sure we studied and carved "study sticks" for a few days beforehand, but the the instructor was that good. The guy is a true cowboy, twang talkin' and all. He could put a picture in your head and show you how to break it down into a bunch of managable steps. Very fun time, very enjoyable and rewarding. Like so many other things you learn, you have new doors opening up all around you and you get the priveledge to look at the world a little deeper.

Edited to get Bill's question:
Bill, it was something like a 12-14 minute exposure 200 speed film (with a pretty small aperature). I wandered around while the shot was being taken so I don't remember exactly. The shutter is open as long as the button is depressed and I rigged up a piece of tape to hold it in - but the camera's internal penlight batteries were running low and would cause the shutter to close without me knowing. I suppose if you measure the degrees of arcing, you could take 360 degrees (full earth rotation) and devide it by whatever the arcs measure and you'd know what fraction of a day it was. I would try a 15 minute exposure and close the aperature almost all the way down (maybe 2 stops shy of the smallest opening you have) and see what that does. It would have to be awfully dark to take this shot. The sky has to be nearly black, or the picture will end up so light, it's reduculous.
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