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Nice work on those designs, Jack. That 2nd one appears to be a business card while the top one is kinda like letterhead or a topper for an invoice; I'm sure they are of equal importance! Nice even layout of the business card too. It's a wee dark with the dark letters. I like the letters and would lighten the card a hair to bring them out a bit more. And the other one is very nice work too! I'd have to assume that's your work in the background? Nice 'cool blue' lettering too.

Bill, well it's good to know that I'm not missing anything! I've used my brother's Adobe program a few times but it's ancient... like 8 years old at least so it didn't really do that much more than my program; and it did it a lot more confusingly too. I believe it had macros on it though which would be nice to have programmed effects there at my fingertips, but I've been playing with pics for a while now long now and can recreate them similiarly each time. Jasc gets a little better with each release and I'm certainly not disappointed with its performance. I'm curious why you have one of each program though. What's your wife do?

I made a Christmas card this year from one of my downtown photos. Of course I added some stuff and changed the entire thing to look hand drawn with pencil. It was still rather neat because it came from a photo though

Since we're talkin about programs anyone out there got a recommendation for a photo organizer program? Mine are in desperate need of catagories and key word searches and stuff. I just haven't looked into... just keep burning them to CD while trying to at least put them in folders... what a mess!

Happy tiling! Last day for me (this time). Then grout probably Tuesday. Seal 10 days after that I believe is the instruction... WHOO HOO!
"Often it's life's simplest things that bring the greatest pleasures"

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