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That's one heck of a grin you got goin there! No, Jack actually I just now went through the photo album. I'm sure I pulled it up before, must not have been any pictures on the last page that day and I went on to something else. There's some pretty good reading in there as well as some very nice family photos and pichers of FISH! Not sure of which there are more!

There's so much stuff on this site, I usually find wandering thread to thread in the main forum which often leads me to one of the pros websites where I drool over some really NICE showers . I check in at the pro's club now and again too and find some interesting tid bits like how to sharpen your saw blade and stuff. I like the small detail information that I find here and there. Sort of like tips and tricks that make the job go smoother and look better. And then of course there's the liberry!

Just ain't enough time in the day to read it all! Speaking of reading, John's book arrived yesterday!

I'm using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7. Been using Jasc for a number of years now and I guess I'm kinda hooked on it. Would be nice to have Adobe Photo Shop, but I can't see forking out $700 for a picture program! The flames are an effect too like oil painting or chrome, but you have to select the area you want the effect to be on. So basically I just drew around the book and added the effect. The flames effect came with this newest (I think it's the newest) version of PS7; found it by accident of course cause I never read the "what's new" info. Sheesh, it would have taken me a week to try to draw in all those flames! Anyway, I like the rich colors in that flame one.

Have a nice day!
"Often it's life's simplest things that bring the greatest pleasures"

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