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I'm going to be laughing about the crayon picture for a LONG TIME Jack! Yep, gotta watch that monkey see monkey do thing with the kids though. But heck looks like your having a FINE time. Question is... did they come out as easy as they went in? That's one smooth-as-a-baby's-bleep floor too!

JD, I think it's a wonderful portrayal of a tile layer. The dust gives it movement too. Is that you? What's with the rubber duckie though?

Don't know nuttin bout bass fishing though.

Thanks for the compliments guys, I'm certainly no Ansel Adams though. His work is brilliant. And yes, like most photographers they spend a lot of time in the dark room. I got an eye for something anyway... art or not!

I wanna see more photos; I think it's neat to see what other people's perspective is.

Here's one for ya...

... crayons
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