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Thank to Dave Misevich
These are the instructions that Dave sent me in Feb of 03 and I have keep the email. It is real easy. The problem is remembering from time to time. I can't and had to save.
Program you want to use to resize the photo for placement on the JB forum.
Most computers with Windows XP will download from the camera in a My Pictures file.
Chose the picture from the My Pictures file and give it a new name and save it with the new name. You will now see that this picture is in the file with two different names.
Double click on the picture you just renamed.
Useing the mouse select a box around the most important part of the picture.
Cropping out extra stuff is a great way to reduce the size of the pic.
Go to "Edit" (tool Bar) and choose "Crop Selection". Now reduce the size of the remaining picture. "Image", "Resizing/Resample". In the set new size box, set the larger of the two dimensions to around 400. Now do a "File", "Save as"and enter a new name (always keep the larger original) Before clicking the "Save" button, click the options button and reduce the "size quality" to some value like 70% and click "ok" Then save the file. Use file manager to check the size. If it's still too big, go back in Infanview and use "save as" again tnd reduce the save quality again. Keep doing this until you get the file size you want.

Hope that this helps one and all and maybe one of the official folks will add to library if it would help being there. Again thanks Dave

Santa Seattle
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