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High teens in The Hill Country is tonight's forecast, John. And some of us will go to work anyway. Inside. With our big heater. And our 100 Lb. bottle of propane that we had the very good sense to have refilled today.

Too cold to go to work. Que wimp! Won't even be cold enough to wear long pants, I bet.

And did y'all note above that ol' Z is tryin' to pretend he's not a Yankee again? Some "southern humidity", says he. Where the hell you reckon he'll get that? Axe us to send him some from down here in the south? Geeeeez.

BULLETIN: On new year's day I had enough snow at my casa to make one small snow ball. Woulda taken a little gathering mind you, but I coulda made one. Whada ya suppose them Buffaloites would say to that?!
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