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I wasn't planning to redguard the whole side just a 6" to 10" strip as previously recommended.

I am open to suggestions. Its not too late to redo or switch things around.

These screws are to lock the tub in place. Its either support the tub and make a hole in the barrier or not support the tub and then just have the CBU screws holes.

The fasteners I can switch to stainless truss heads ones.

As a next step what would you suggest?
1. Switch the screws to SS. Apply a 10" redguard strip.
2. Eliminate the screws. Remove the CBU. Seal the barrier holes with weathering tape.
3. Eliminate the screws. Remove the CBU. Apply new 6 mil poly one the sides overlaping a few inches with the back wall's poly.
4. Start over with new 6 mil poly everywhere and no screws at the flange. The CBU would still be flush or proud of the the flange.
Much like this project, my posts are still under construction

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