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Originally Posted by cx
Shouldn't see much moisture if they're behind your moisture barrier.
They are actually in front. There was no way to have them behind when they need to be flush with the CBU and flange. Please see attached pics. This is all given the angle of the wall was not 90 degrees resulting in the shown gap.

Originally Posted by cx
I don't understand about the RedGard in that area, though.
It was given the suggestion that you made here and included here as well:

Originally Posted by cx
For best results you do want the CBU to lap over the tub's tiling flange on the drain side. In the alternative, so long as the face of the CBU is flush with or proud of the tiling flange face, you can use a strip of waterproofin
I think given the situation this recommendation is very important. I assume that for a strip of waterproofing I can use redguard as oppose to say a kerdiband

Thank you very much for the help.
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