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It would have been an easier install if your remaining floor tile wasn't already installed! There's no good way I can think of to carry the waterproofing out into the room enough to prevent moisture from getting underneath the tile on the outside of the shower.

You can install a linear drain at the entryway. It's really important to choose a grate that does not have symmetrical holes that provide a path across it, as then some water will just bypass those holes on its way by. If you choose a swinging door, it must open out, so that can tie up a lot of real estate. If it swung in, if someone fell, there may not be a way to enter the shower to provide aid. A sliding door could work.

Schluter does make a profile that has a flexible water dam function that might help prevent water from streaming into the room. Some people waterproof the entire floor and put a secondary drain at the main entry doorway to ensure nothing escapes the room. That can't happen with the tile already down.

You really want to continue the waterproofing for the shower out into the room when you're directing it towards the shower entry.
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