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I'm pretty sure direct wire to the Halo HU10 fixtures is from the side only, and that requires NM cable or what they call 5/16" flexible metal conduit. At only 3/4" deep, the KO on the side is some small size I'm not familiar with, looks like it can only be 1/2" or so in diameter. You might be able to get a right angle connector to use with the so-called 5/16" flexible metal conduit, but I'm not sure if they come that small.

They do make a splice box that has a KO in the back (not sure on the size), so that would work but would take up some running length that could be lights. Also, I was a little surprised that for daisy chaining, the shortest connector they have is a rigid double male that they call a 1-1/2" connector. Presumably that means it leaves a 1-1/2" gap between fixtures.

Cheers, Wayne
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