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First-timer questions on layout, concrete slab

Hi, hoping some folks can provide some help and answer some basic questions for me given I've never tiled a floor before. I'm planning to tile our first floor and adjoining rooms that sit on a concrete slab and unsure about a few things:
+ The tile will lay on a concrete slab from a Chicago home built in 2001. Assuming the slab is in good condition can I lay directly on the slab and what mortar makes sense (Versabond LFT, 4 XLT) ? Any reason I should/would consider using Ditra?
+ I tried laying the tile out on paper (attached) by simply creating a grid of tiles offset by 1/3 but am I going about laying this tile out all wrong? How should I be thinking about laying tile out in the room shown and the adjacent spaces/rooms?
+ And when tiling multiple adjacent rooms, how should I think about tiling through the doorway to the adjoining room?
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