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Yeah to have a come to Jesus moment. The guy that taught me how to lay carpet would invite you to his house for supper. It only took once. I got my shit together. This guy would do anything for you. You need a loan he would spot you help on one of your side jobs he would come out but he expected you to give him your all at work and treat his company like it was you own. If you didn't you were gone no second chances. So that is how I treat help. I don't get to fire people. Which is probably for the best this guy would have been gone in the middle of event 3 he didn't show for event 1 both trucks broke down. I express concerns with the office and the say sometimes you just need a warm body and I agree with that to a certain extent(not in this case). So when they ask me what is taking so long I will tell them we are cleaning up after the warm bodies, sorry
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