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That is funny.
Sometimes the easy ones are the hardest.
The owner of the company has the route next to mine. He was done with his and called to see if I needed a hand. I said sure, grab the firehouse/church. (They are on the border of both our routes). They share a parking lot so it's like a 2 for 1. It's a U shaped lot with the pad of the front of the firehouse being separated from the U. It's a real thinker when you haven't done it before. You almost have to think 3 pushes ahead of yourself. If you don't you end up with piles everywhere and wondering how you got turned around so many times. So anyway he gets done and calls out on the radio..." I'm never doing that lot again. You can have that one". I went over later to see his handiwork. Looked like Stevie Wonder was driving the truck and Ray Charles was running the plow controls. What a mess. I vowed never to send him there again.
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