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Thanks again Kman!

Here is a pic of that puddle by the way, the shiny area to the right of the drain. I guess the location of it doesn't matter, as you said no puddles are good! But, I wanted to see what you think anyway. This shower was built using the kerdi foam pre-slope...and was done by the resident JohnBridge approved expert in my area. I'm guessing even as it is not ideal, you wouldn't do anything about it at this point? Just be good about toweling the floor off? Like I said, this area is perpetually wet since the shower is used once in the morning and once at night. The puddle never has time to fully evaporate. The rest of the shower floor dries out pretty darn fast.

And regarding the marble sealer...a similar sealer would be good to use on the grout of the shower floor? (But not needed on the porcelain floor tiles themselves?)

I really appreciate all of the help!!!
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