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Thanks for all that advice!

Yep, I have an exhaust fan and I run it during showers and for about 30 minutes after the shower. I now have started keeping the door open for a little while after a shower. I will begin toweling the shower after use. (I do get 1 standing puddle of water immediately adjacent to the kerdi drain. I shower mornings and my wife nights so that puddle never really goes away. My contractor said sometimes puddles right beside the drain happen...only a problem if standing puddles at other parts of the floor. It looks like toweling will help with this.) The liquid soap I will have to look wife just bought a pack of 32 bar soap from Costco haha!

I will try your suggestions on those stains. That's my main concern right now...get those stains cleaned up and then implement the maintenance plan mentioned above, which I am glad to see jives with your suggestions.

One additional curbing and shelves in my niche are marble...thassos marble to be exact. What cleaners would be safe for these areas? Also, should the marble at least be sealed?


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