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How to remove these grout stains from shower floor...

Hi guys,

My new bathroom was done around 6 months ago. Someone recommended by this forum did the work. Shower was constructed using the kerdi system. The shower floor uses the foam kerdi preslope. Tile is porcelain (marble look). The grout on the walls is permacolor...the floor is not...I forget the exact name but it is a TEC grout.

After about 2 months we started getting mold/mildew stains on the floor/lower walls. A good cleaning resolved that, and since then had been using a daily shower spray (Earth Friendly Products plant based stuff) which helped between cleanings...until now...

Now, I have the following stains on the shower floor. I tried to remove them with a tile cleaner that contains bleach (this stuff..appears to be 2%... No good. I tried Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser (after using their Mold Control). No good. What else can I safely try to use? Would a more concentrated mix of bleach and water be safe to use just this once?

Once I get this cleaned up, I want to make a habit of squeegeeing the walls and drying off the floor with a towel every day and get away from using a daily shower spray. I also did use stuff like Scrubbing Bubbles and the tile cleaner containing bleach at various times for the first few cleanings and would like to get away from the harsh stuff.

Lastly, should this floor be sealed? 511? Want it to still breathe and 511 allows that?

So to sum up, I want to get these stains out...I want a good cleaning plan going forward...and am curious if I should seal the floor (and while I'm at it the walls too...ceramic white Subway tiles, permacolor silver shadow grout).

Thanks a million! I will reach out to the contractor for advice as well...but good to get a consensus from you guys!
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