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You won't be sorry. This is not "coming over to the dark side"

Yeah, it's copywrited.

But we can still tell you what's in there:
It starts out with a product selection guide that talks about ceramic, glass, natural stone, setting materials, grout, backer board, membrane, additional produts, and green building standards.

Than it's got a section for field and installation requirements that talks about substrate, lighting, mortar and mortar coverage, flatness, joint size, pattern considerations, finished tile work, accessibility, and wet areas guidelines.

A few short but excellent sections on tiling installtion guide (for picking methods), environmental exposure classifications, using the handbook for specefication writing, and installer and contractor qualifications guide.

Then it goes into all the different recognized industry methods, one by one. With drawings showing exact configurations of each method. This is the part most commonly referred to to get exact questions answered.

Then there's a section on movement joints.

And an appendices.

And finally, three little sections on locating all the different methods.

The $35 cost of the book is far more than worth it. Even if the book helps you avoid a single mistake that will come back to haunt you, it's more than paid for itself. And the knowledge from the book elevates you as a pro. It produces confidence in customers. It helps you land jobs. It helps others as you educate them directly, or share the wealth of the TCNA Handbook with others.

Start out with just the TCNA Handbook if you like. But do consider joining the NTCA. It pays for itself and really kicks you into high gear as a professional.

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