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Travis, if you join the NTCA they'll send you one free.

It's a hefty fee (joining) but the sponsors make sure that you get it back with vouchers that you'll use in your business. I usually recommend that contractors try it for 1 year and see if it looks like something that they want to be a part of.

But otherwise you could buy a book at the TCNA site. It's worth having.

To answer your questions: Not sure if there's free older ones online anywhere

Yes, there's a table of contents (when you see the book you'll realize it's a must)

There's a whole bunch of different methods in the book. I don't know how many but the book is well over an inch thick.

Basically, each method is broken down. Example: interior floors over concrete; ceilings/soffits; steam room, etc.

Each one has a schematic drawing, recommeded uses, materials, limitations, and more. Sort of like a technical data sheet for a product.

Photos might be difficult as the material is copyrighted. But hopefully this is a bit helpful.
Jim Upton
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