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RLS Tile Leveling System with Wedges and 1/16" Spacers - Charlotte NC but will ship

I have an RLS system with the tool, approximately 190 wedges (started with a 250 wedge bag but have lost/broken a few) and a new bag of 250 1/16" spacers. I'm a weekend warrior that used the system to great effect to make my hack job significantly less "hackey," and finished my last big tile job so don't need the tool anymore.

Item is located about 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC (Fort Mill, SC to be exact) but I'll ship if you'll pay actual shipping charges.

EDIT: Tried to add pictures but couldn't... Send me a PM and I'll send pictures. The tool is perfectly functional and has the signs of use you'd expect from about 600 sq ft of tile setting.
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