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Look First!

I'm using the product right now for the first time. I'm putting a tile counter top and floor in my kitchen and wanted a good stain resistance grout. When using it the 2 min warning means 2 min's it dry's quick. but I like the finished look,
The only advice I'll give is to open the bucket in the store! the first bucket was black for the counter and it was perfect. Then I started doing the floor went to get the color I wanted and got it home what a surprise it was hard, not fully mixed. Took it back and got another one opened it up and it had a 3 inch crust on top. Took it back and showed the tile guy and he was surprised! So we had him open a third bucket and it was in good shape but that was his last one in that color I needed. went to another place and found the same problem hard and not good, but found the last 2 he had were good! I going to send a email with pics to the company.
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