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Joist are 12' long so using DITRA should be a good next step; thanks for the input! We plan to apply it with ALL SET thinset to stay in the Schluter family.

SOOOOOO, I just checked out the Mapei SL Plus pour we did yesterday. There is a 'ridge' where the last batch ran into a previous batch and it looks like it didn't make it all the way into the corners to cover the sill seam I used as barracade either. It looks like the mix was just too thick, even though we followed the directions (73 degrees, low humidity, 5 1/4 qts of cold water per bag, etc.) I see I'm not the first guy to experience a problem like this. I read thoekstr's "SLC didn't level out flat - help!" thread that was referenced at the end of our exchange. HELP! Can you advise on what you would do and what you would use to level out the first pour? Is a second layer ok?

1) I've got about 115 sq ft; do I just pour it thinner and at a lesser depth over the entire area?
2) How do I make sure the two pours bond?
3) Should I just mix the same product from Mapei only thinner like 'chocolate milk' as suggested in thoekstr thread?
4) What do you suggest I use to 'help it' or will the SLC actually level itself without help if it is thinner?
5) If I used 8 bags (50 lb each) for this space the first time, how much should I have on hand for a thinner 2nd pour, if that's the next move?
6) Any suggestions on how much water to add to make it thinner, if that's the way to go?

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