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The process continues. Thanks for staying with me. It will help to know that a 32" x 60" center drain Kerdi Shower Pan is being used.

A wise friend counseled me to cut and dry fit the foam pan and check for level before taking the drastic action of putting SLC over Durock. He confirmed my measurements with a Bosch self leveling laser (a new model GLL3-15). It was sloping 7/16" over 47" (the first 5" on the high side were actually level, then the slope begins, so it was actually WORSE than first thought! We measured and cut the foam Kerdi pan. The drain, which is nearer the low end, meant we needed to cut the pan on the lower end of the shower floor. Once the pan was cut to fit, we slid it into place to check level. Surprisingly, the slope was more than sufficient in the pan to overcome the confirmed the laser confirmed slope! A 2' level, placed on the low end to the drain, shows an extreme left of center bubble--we were amazed and please to say the least! All we can deduce is that Kerdi builds more than 1/4"/ft slope into their foam pans. No SLC...whew!

I learned a valuable lesson; some things just aren't as they appear! Dry fitting and remeasuring saved me a bunch of money, time, and effort!

The next hurdle is a Schluter profile question. Their popular DILEX and RONDEC profiles are planned for this project. We'll use some sort of edge for the tile ends (since the tile's bullnose is a horrible color mismatch), but want to know if anyone has any experience with this stuff. Is it worth the effort?

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