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I moved your thread over here to the advice forum where more eyes are likely to see it. The mud box is for anything that doesn't fit into the tile/stone categories.

As you have probably read somewhere, the floor has to be completely flat and level to use a shower tray. Tilting in any direction will affect how the shower drains.

It would have been best had you not added Durock to the shower floor, unless you just want the extra height. The tray can sit right on the plywood. Also, what is the joist spacing? If it's more than 16", you would want to add a layer of 1/2" plywood to reduce deflection between the joists.

The foam trays can be a time-saver if your floor is flat and level, but we most often recommend building a shower floor with deck mud, as it compensates for floors that aren't flat or level, not to mention it costs much less than the foam tray. It is a little more work, but most folks that come here aren't afraid of that.

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