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Flat but not level shower

First time user, DIYer, and love to learn. I really appreciate this site; it has been a great help to us.

We are the owners of a sixth five year old house in NW Ohio. We're in the middle of remodeling a 1/2 bath, laundry and garage entry area of about 150 sq ft total. We have new exterior grade 3/4' OSB over 2 x 12 joists in really good shape over a crawl space. Deflection is good.

While this shower pan area is flat, it is not level as we discovered upon fastening the durock to the back wall. The shower area is sloped away from the wet wall such that we are 1/4" low on the wall opposite the wet wall. The 2.5' x 4.5' alove shower is 1/2" durocked all around. The floor piece of durock is fastened with thinset and Rock On screws.

We intend to use the Kerdi Shower Kit over the durock, using Schluter All Set and then travertine 2" x 2" mosaic on the floor. Since the kit's pan is 1/4" slope/ft, we definitely want the slope eliminated.

My thought is to use All Set thinset to 'level' the durock floor by skim coating the low part, waiting for it to cure completely, and recheck for level. I would grind off any rough or high spots and then carry on with All Set and Kerdi Membrane. Thoughts and suggestions? I love to learn!!
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