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Almost there...

More of an update post for those future DIYers that may garner some ideas.
Good progress this past weekend. Got the holes drilled for some of the shower door and grab bar hardware (probably goes in next weekend), picked up and installed the sills & curbs and got the frameless glass hardware glued in (Latapoxy 310 - good stuff). Also, the cabinet guy said maybe February - looking for a new custom cabinet builder but put in a cheapo orange box vanity to use until the permanent stuff gets made. Still need to silicone a few more corners and around the stones.
BTW, the ultralite S2 grey dries pretty close to black vs. the grey Verabond. I'm not seeing the "flexiness" of it - seems darn hard.
Pics are of the shower close to being done and close up of the column that I was concerned about and the glued in guides for the glass. Drilled about 1/2" deep for the screw stubs to glue in and roughed up the polished surface where the epoxy went. Using the core bit in the stone made the drilling of the porcelain seem like butter - the synthetic stone is HARD. I'll post when any questions come up and a few before and after pics when it's all done (maybe almost done as in no vanities yet).
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