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I emailed Weyerheuser technical support with my situation.

They referred me to this document:

and had this to say:

Our standard detail, PB1, shows our recommended method of attaching blocking to TJI floor joists. This method relies on the use of 2x4 nailers to connect the blocking to the TJI. This detail can be found on page 10 of our TJI specifiers guide, TJ-4000, which I will provide in the link at the bottom of this message.

(I have attached the PB1 diagram he references)

From what I can discern, this is more or less what CX was describing. I'm planning on implementing this tomorrow.

Thanks for the input on this. I feel better now.

Edit: To be clear, I'm not planning on doing exactly what is in the diagram, rather my understanding of what CX mentioned...screw the 2x4 nailers to the web of the joist, then hangers to the 2x4.
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