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Hi CX,

Thanks for your comments.

A) For live loads, the controlling case in the beam gravity load design is applying the live load to the backspan only, with no live load on the cantilevered portion.

The dead load of the cantilevered portion does provide a small reduction to the gravity load on the beam. However with loads of 40 psf live and 10 psf dead, and a 6' backspan with 2' cantilever, the magnitude of the effect is only about 3% (1/30) of the total load effect.

B) For spanning ~14" between joists, a flatwise 2x member would be plenty. My concern is the connection of the blocking to the I-joist, I don't know how to design that. Is it OK to attach to the top flange only, and are toe nails/screws into the side of the top flange acceptable?

Cheers, Wayne
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