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Thanks for the input.

The turned I-joists span about 6 feet from the double member to the foundation wall, then cantilever 2 feet maximum. The cantilevered section is just a 1 story "bump out" (so the cantilever is not supporting any major loads from above).

The doubled member is the same length as the I-joists as far as I remember. The span is appx. 13 feet.

As far as avoiding removing the existing plywood: Is this because it's a pain in the ass / expense, or is there a concern about disrupting the current structure?

As far as installing blocking between the joists: Does "padding out the web" mean installing OSB / plywood along the length of it to give a place to support the blocking, or something else?

At this point I'd be willing to install blocking, I'd be willing to add joists, and I'd be willing to tear out and replace that section of subfloor...I just want it to be right, so a day or two of work and $500 of material isn't going to get in the way...but if replacing the subfloor could lead to other problems, I sure do want to avoid that.

Thanks again for the help. Always appreciated.
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