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I appreciate the input, guys.

I have a bit of an issue that cropped up as I was inspecting and re-fastening the floors.

The joists change directions in one part of the house. (The reason, as far as I can deduce, is because there is a cantilevered section at one end, so the joists needed to change orientation to make that work)

In the picture you can see where the joists change direction (the right side is the "odd" section) the left side of the image matches the rest of the house).

SO...that presents a problem for running the boards perpendicular to the joists.

But to make things worse, the OSB doesn't change direction to match the joist, adding insult to injury, the strength axis is in the wrong direction over the already problematic area.

What to do?
1. Cut out the OSB in question, and install it with the strength axis in the correct direction.
2. install additional joists between the existing joists to reduce between-joist deflection (I would end up with 8" on center 12" I joists with a ~6 foot span...)
3. Both 1 and 2
4. something else?

I'm leaning towards option 1...if I go that route, is there any concern about cutting out the existing subfloor that is adjacent to walls (exterior and interior bearing walls). Basically what I'm asking is whether or not the subfloor is structurally important to the ability of the wall to carry a load to the foundation, or not. Or, can I just cut out the wood and install new without worrying about the adjacent walls...

Replacing the subflooring seems pretty straightforward by itself, but I want to make sure I understand any possible structural implications...

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