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We don't have anything fancy like that. I have a sub that uses something like that for his landscaping company. he loves it. When the guys get their routes they get aerial photos and instructions on where to put snow. The area managers use Ipads and have access to all the properties in their zone and more information than you could ever need. The paper work is unreal. For my routed trucks it is pretty easy I can breeze through it but the hourly trucks I have to put in time in/time out for every where they go. and a area manager report and a salt depot loader log. I can spend a whole day (not paid) putting in times. They are supposed to be changing the system this year so i am hoping it will be better this guys can't remember to write down when they got there and left that program would be wasted on them. as for whether or not we were there I have dash cams in my trucks. I have a video of a guy crashing into me in the middle of a storm. I will upload it to youtube and post the link
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