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Drone video! That would be great to see.

Do you or the company you sub for use time and tracking software for the smart phones or tablets? We use this

Its really efficient. Cuts down on guys screwing around .
When I pull into a property I key in what I'm there to do. I hit GO and start plowing. When I'm done I hit Stop. It then keeps track of travel time between properties. If I go to a property I'm not familiar with I can pull up a satilite view and it shows me where to push the piles or any notes pertaining to the property like special services or open and close times. All that gets downloaded to the main office and automatically bills the customer. It's great when a customer says we were not at his property and we pull up the data for time in and time out. At the end of the month it will give a driver efficiency rating. All our trucks have a GPS module plugged into the trucks computer. It can tell when I'm ideling, braking too hard, accelerating too fast and speeding. It will ,if you ask it, show where my truck drives on a map in real time. Pretty neat stuff. We had a slip and fall claim from a woman saying that there was snow and ice at a certain location ant it was never plowed or salted. We sent our data showing we were at the property plowing 20 min before the incident occurred and salted 10 min before she slipped. Ins company dropped the claim.
It cost about $100k to have the Exak installed and the purchase of all the tablets. When you do $2mil in snow removal it's a drop in the bucket.
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