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yeah that cart area looks pretty bad. we move carts with the loaders or the plows. no contracts I sub from a company that pays by the route per push or salt. but I don't have to plow or salt unless I am covering one of my own trucks, or if things have went to hell in a handbag. Mostly I just drive around and make sure people are where they are supposed to be. I bill most of my trucks by the hour and the others have routes. for salt most of the time it only takes them a couple of hours then they sit around and wait for a breakdown or drive around and look at properties for me. We have a lot of big grocery stores and some hospitals. We also do the shopping center next to kansas speedway. There is bundle of equipment there. No national stuff. we have salt depots in each zone with a loader so minimal drive time to get salt. No getting out what so ever just roll up show the guy your salt number and show him how many scoops you want, you don't even have to roll your window if you didn't want. when I was routed I would write it in big letters with a sharpie and just slap it up on the window. I have a drone this year so I hope to get some good pictures and some videos to upload here.
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