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Craig, I spent most of my first 20 years in Yankee Land (PA, NJ, CN, NY) and still the driving conditions in the winter were worse in the DFW area than anywhere else I've lived. I was there mostly from the early 70s through the mid 80s.

As Davy says, it didn't snow that often, but the ice storms were horrendous. Didn't matter what you were driving, you weren't getting out of your driveway on those days. Even if we'd had snow plows they'd be stuck, too.

When there were big budget talks under way for the new DFW airport (actually the City of DFW Airport) it was decided not to provide funding for serious snow removal equipment. Plan was simply to shut the place down when there was ice and to let the snow melt on its own. Don't know if that ever changed.

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