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Freezing fog? That's a new one. Break out the liquids for that.

My route takes about 7-8hrs with 3-5". After that it's clean ups for 4-5hs the next night.

Our March storm last season was 18" in 24hrs. I was in the truck for 49hrs. It just wouldn't stop. My aux tank on my truck fuels all the loaders on my route. Went through 400 gal that storm. We spent another 4 nights hauling snow out of the lots. All our trucks and heavy equipment have radios in them so we can all talk to each other. Guys we're getting a bit punchy at about hour 18 and on. We had some good winds with that storm that created some crazy drifting. Don't know how many times I had to put the plow in V and just kamikaze through 6' drifts.

Hope you had contracts and not per trips the last few years with very little snow.
Do any work for the nationals? We had 6 Rite-Aids a few years ago that we're through a national. What a pain.

The 2 zero tolerance lots we do take about 4-5ton each and I love it when we get a dusting or a inch. Call the 12wheel salter and I have to meet him at both properties. I watch him make laps and go to the next. Easy hour and get paid for a 4hr min.
We have our own salt bin at the shop so reloading is easy. The salt mine is about a hour away so every week or so we take a convoy of trucks and resupply.
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