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Sounds like i need to move my equipment up there. We have a had pretty shitty seasons the last couple of years. We got a whopping 4.5 in and the year before 5.9 I know don't laugh. My wife is from queens and my family had a home in Colorado so we laugh at the weather we get here and the drivers, holy shit you would think there is a foot of snow on the ground the way these clowns drive. There are times we go out to salt and I am like,are you kidding me we are going out for this? Last year we went on Christmas eve for wait for it FREEZING FOG. Yep that is a real thing. FOG comes in and hits the ground and bamo black ice. Hahahahaha but they pay good money and being a area manager I get to work all my equipment from start to finish. I am sure most of these guys wouldn't know what to do if we got a real snow. How long is your average plow event last? A few years ago we had one that we plowed for about 60 hours then went back out for 13 days salting the refreeze.
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