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Me! Me!
Been pushing snow for 12 years for the same company.
I drive a plow truck for the largest snow removal company in the county. 26 commercial parking lots just on my route.
Equipment for our route:
2- F350 diesel w/Boss 9' V's and aux fuel tanks
2-Komatsu 270 with 12-15-20' pushers
1- Cat 950 with 22' pusher
1-Kubota Tool Cat with 6' v
1- Mack 12 wheel 16ton salt truck with liquid tanks
1- F550 V box salt truck

Call me crazy, but it's fun going out at 2am with snow falling at a inch per hour.
The company has 110 employees for snow events. Avg 15 tons of salt per run.
We push lots of snow!!
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