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Since no one else has responded yet, here is my take:

1) "As long as it takes." Best option would be to use a moisture meter and compare the moisture content of the new wood flooring and the moisture content of the existing subfloor. When they are very close (maybe within 1% ?), you are good to go. Without doing any measurements, I'd allow at least a week. If you are using an engineered flooring material, rather than a solid-sawn material, then check the manufacturer's recommendations.

2) If aesthetically you want the amber tones of an oil based finish, you could use one. Otherwise, I like the catalyzed (two part) water based polyurethanes, such as the Bona Traffic HD you mentioned.

3) My understanding is that over plywood/OSB you can install wood flooring in either direction, independent of the direction of the joists.

Cheers, Wayne
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