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I did, I did axe. But you'll note that I didn't axe for nobody to tell how it was in Florida, now did I? That's on accounta I already could guess that one, having lived a few years in St. Pete myownself.

Only place I've lived with more boring weather was Hawaii. Ever day, same weather. Only two seasons: Rainy season and Dry season. Couldn't tell'em apart. Got alla way down to 55 degrees one winter and some old locals died! Is true story. Mostly.

Now Terry has a problem there. No way I could live where it rained alla time. Be like Washington state, I'm told. Old forcaster there (DFBB Jones)says: If cannot see Mt. Ranier, Is raining; If can see Mt. Ranier, will rain soon. No, no, no, don't wanna live some place like that. Although the only summer I ever visited their fair state, the weather was beautiful.

Most of the ground is white here this morning, but it ain't no 3 inches of snow. More false advertising. Maybe 1/2 inch of sleet is all. Off to work.
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