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Well I meant real dogs because I think they dogs are worth more than my house. One of the narc dogs alone is worth more than 50k did you know that. The arson dogs are about 40 k. Just a fact I would add for ya. I have german shepards thats what I meant by real dogs nothing wrong with little ones. So please dont that wrong Do it rite please. Like I said when I get back to florida I want to start posting pics here. Maybe I can have all the boys and I pose for ya. Trust me what sucks about having the wife with a badge is not the big D, she can sick em on me when they need to warm up in the back yard. I have pics of me wearing the take down suits. Talk about hurt dude I would not want to hide when the sherrif says K-9 Unit coming in come out now. But my dog is so stupid. On one job I was one he walked thru the chaulk lines I had out then he went back and sat in the truck. I had red chaulk blue chaulk and ornage chaulk over the damn cab of my new truck it only had about 300 miles on it.
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