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I know ya'll like pictures, and since this thread has gotten to 5 pages, I guess it's high time I provide some.

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This first image is of the floor pattern I crated in front of the tub. No, I didn't go back and do it the "correct" way. I had already put too much time into it and needed to move on. Besides, as my wife later pointed out... it's just going to get covered by a bath mat.

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This image tries to so the overall look of the "wet wall", where the toilet and sink will be. The other walls are painted. I told user "maine adventure" how I messed up the left wall and started with the outside column of tile. The close-up on the right shows some of the fudge work I've had to do to correct my mistake.

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These two images show the 4x4 tile I'm using as "base boards". In the case of the painted wall, they are acting as base board replacements. In the case of the tiled wall, I deliberately misaligned the grout lines of the 4x4 from the floor and wall tile to form a visible break. The floor tile was laid starting at the corner of the tub tile shown in the 1st image. But the wall tile I wanted centered on the wall. But the grout lines were not going to line up.

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And here is my pride and joy. It's a threashold I made from a 24"x24" piece of stone. When I looked at threasholds @ HD and Lowe's I didn't like what they had (either messed up or didn't match my tile). But I found two pieces of stone in the clearance bin at Lowe's for 50 cents each. When I saw that their color was Noce, which matched the brown tile in front of the tub, I had to give it a try. I've loved the results. I plan on using the other piece to build some corner shelves in the shower.
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