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Yeah Levi. i got
granite Girl Andrea we chated a few times
Brian B luv
Bart brettega Ntca talk not text
Brad Denny
Brian (Ceramitec)
Cx (Jb forums)
davee rodgers
Dave (Wiley)
Gerald Sloan (NTCA)
Greg (H1543) or somthing lol
Jack Hamilton
Jim olson ( NTCA)
John Bridge( JB forums)
John Trent
Jon ( forgot ur user name sorry)
Kurtis (JB forums)
LT (JB forums)
Mark turkus
Mick (TLS)
Muskey Mike (JB forums)
Orlando (forgot his user name also)
Peter (square pusher)
Rick (Tile Layer)
scottyb (JBforums)
Steve malony (JB forums
Joe (tile joe)
Tim ( tile tim)
trask (jb forums)

not all i text, only the Lucky ones get them

and PM your favorite and ask if u can call or text respectfully..
jeff aka papi chulo. "I'll make you famous!"(William H. Bonney aka Billy The Kid)

Schluter Kerdi and Ditra installer in Southern New Mexico
Castillo Construction
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