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Originally Posted by Davestones
I wouldn't want to figure that layout in this heat.
I told them they needed to install this in Jan, Feb but delays set them back until end of May....too hot for me to work outside.
Originally Posted by Jondon
60 hour work weeks
I didn't do the labor and definitely not 60 hrs a week.
I was involved with it from end of last year and technically fixed a lot
of thing they were doing wrong and set them on the right path.

(how to mesh mount the glass, how to build the decking, how it should be set, what water proofing, etc.)

I asked Henry at Laticrete and he wanted to help out and my rep contacted them,
I gave my advice on what material they should use. I have been really busy with
work since beginning of Jan so wasnt able to actually set tile, they got the other
guy to do that and 2 area tile showrooms to help. they were planning to set cbu
on Trex Deck and tile it I had to step in
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