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JB Mud Class Video Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to update y'all on the JB Mud Class Video... I have uploaded the last of the rough film sequences to the website today. John and Kelly will need to download them and take a look at several hours of footage to decide how they want to proceed.

This has all taken longer than I anticipated, due to numerous family emergencies that have happened this year. It has not been a good year for our family... A few months ago, there was a massive fire (120 fire fighters battled the blaze) at my in-laws. They lost almost everything they owned. They are both in their mid 80's, so it has been an extremely difficult time for them since the fire.

Imagine going to the doctor's office one day and coming back to nothing... No clothes, food, medicine, furniture, nothing and no where to live. Not long after the fire, my father in-law was rushed to hospital (not related to the fire). We were all bracing for a funeral, but they were able to stabilize him. He was transferred to a 24-hour skilled facility where he will be for a long time, probably the rest of his life. He is having significant health issues... My mother in-law is also battling her own health issues. There have been a lot of other issues related to this, but you can well imagine we have had our hands full...

No excuses, but family comes first I'm sure you will agree. Thanks and take care.

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