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Tile Guy Goes Ice Fishing

Message this morning from a tile guy friend:

"Good morning Henry,

We had a great trip to Red Lake and Lake of the Woods! Here are just a
couple of pics from my friends Iphone. The Walleye in the photo was 23
inches long. It was the largest of the day. We clicked off 47 walleyes and
Sauger (smaller version of a Walleye) in three days. That's not the best
number, yet it's better than most lakes would give up in a three day period.
Normally, that number is a one person total for LOW's. The only lake that
can consistently produce better numbers and size is Lake Winnipeg in Canada.

The boys are doing that trip twice this year, but I'm saving my fishing
money for a trip or two on the Rainy during the spring spawn migration. That
47 turns into 47 per day per man. Incredible numbers if you time it right!

Have a great New Years!"

Rick J Martagon
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