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La_Floors 02-21-2010 02:01 PM

What's the Nastiest house or place you have laid floors in?
I've been in some doozies, but a couple of jobs I've been on made me want to leave. One lady wanted me tile her bathroom floor. We talked over the phone and I told her the price. She agreed and I told her I'd be there first thing in the morning. Get there and look at the bathroom and she has about 4 or 5 dirty pair of panties laying around on the floor( along with some other clothing). When I say dirty, I mean dirty. Looked like she had eaten a gut bomb and sharted herself repeatedly. So I'm like "WTF... I'm not touching those." I didn't know what to , I didn't want to call and say hey! Come and get your shatty britches out of the work area. Finally, I went outside and found a stick about 6' long and removed the "blow-out " kits from the work area. Anyone else come across this type of crap? Literally!

ob1kanobee 02-21-2010 02:19 PM

Oh yeah but most of them I put out of my memory thankfully. I have had the homeowner go in and clean the toilet and pick up before I would start.

This one old old black man, really nice guy, I did his house. I did everything but his bathroom. I told him that his toilet was really old and that if it was pulled, by law I could not replace it since it was outdated by code. Plus all the plumbing would have to be redone. It looked like he never used the lid, like the toilet was just a place one would call the general vicinity of where you aim. If you just hit the toilet anywhere, I think it was good for him. Yeah, the whole house pretty much reeked of urine.

I was working in 'the hood' a couple of times. People wore there carpet out till you could see the slab. I told one lady I was working late and she said, "now child I thoughts you was packing up out here. If you don't get a moving, you will never make it out of here alive. I already done called the tile store and said why you send some nice white pretty boy out here to do my tile? You want him to get killed or something? This ain't no neighborhood for his kind."

Well it went something like that and I hurried up and threw my crap in the van. Clean thin-set out later! I'm glad she told me. Her place was fairly clean but the neighborhood was like a war zone. Was a part of Pine Hills Florida that everyone now calls Crime Hills.

John Bridge 02-21-2010 02:34 PM

Did the same thing -- closed a contract over the phone to redo master shower. Got there to discover a filthy litter box in the shower and cat crap all over the place. House was filthy, of course -- about 900 beer cans scattered around the place. The guy's woman is still in bed. Bed was filthy. I'm telling the guy no way when my helper walks in and looks around. He says he's going home. I tell him I'm right behind him.

The guy pleaded with me all the way out of the house, promised to pay me in cash, part up front. I told him he didn't have enough cash. :)

I've been in a few greasy kitchens but nothing as bad as that bathroom.

This is really a great topic, by the way. :D

La_Floors 02-21-2010 02:39 PM

Worked in the hood 1 time. It was nothing but trouble. Had to look over my shoulder the whole time. Had to load Every tool up every evening, and unload them all the next morning. Drug deals were going on all around me. House was nasty, I pulled the stove out and found porkchop bones and chicken bones underneath it. Stove was greasey , never been cleaned apparently. Took out some thick oilfield gloves and got'er done.

Tilehelperdan 02-21-2010 02:41 PM

Had one house, the old guy had absolutely no control over any bodily functions. There were literally trails of crap into every room in the house. It was bad enough that we had to replace the subfloor because it was completely rotted out from the constant barrage of turd and urine. And it was a really nice house too, they had just put like 200k into the kitchen. One of the guys who worked there ended up with a skin infection that still wont go away. The worst thing was, the old guy had no desire to change his living condition.

Just before I started our carpet guys did a job in the hood so to speak. It was so bad that they were told to bring all their tools in the building and leave the trucks unlocked. And that was in a fenced parking lot with security guys. It was down in chicago, or near there, and there were beer cans and used needles and the like in the school's hallways.

Muddman 02-21-2010 02:49 PM


All I can say is wow.

I guess I am fortunate (or maybe still too young) to not have had anything like what you guys are telling.

La_Floors 02-21-2010 02:56 PM

JB. I've had the exact same thing but with dogs. Matter of fact,I walked off the job. Only one I've Ever walked off of in 15 years in the business. Guy had 3 dogs running wild in the house. I explained that I couldn't work with animals parading in my work area. He said he would take care of it , so I started scraping up vinyl for a tile install. I scraped a pretty good area and went to my truck for a soda. Came back and the dogs were in the room bowed up like Halloween cats , sharing all over the floor. I told the guy that I wasn't cleaning that up. He replied that he wasn't either. I told him it could stay there and turn white for all I cared,I was loading up my tools and leaving.

silvercitytile 02-21-2010 03:18 PM


This is really a great topic, by the way.

that being said quoting JB him self. never had the previlage:D

edit sombody spellcheck me lol

ceramictec 02-21-2010 04:02 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I went to give an estimate for a master bathroom in a house, it was an older couple and the house smelled so bad like cat urine and the dander made me sneeze and choke I started the measurement and almost threw up in the bathroom. I left the house fast.

I also have the usual dirt under the stove and refrigerator.

I once seen a Green Jolly Rancher embedded into the vinyl floor under the oven, it was fused !

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JTile 02-21-2010 04:14 PM

Not really a nasty story, but once went and did a kitchen/foyer/hallway. The hallway had a washer and dryer closet. When we pulled the dryer, it was vented to..... you can guess..... nowhere. There was more lint than I had ever seen. We warned them of the fire dangers and they just shrugged it off saying they have never had a problem.

Bill Vincent 02-21-2010 04:16 PM

Biddeford Sewage Treatment Plant in Biddeford, Maine, already in operation, had to be shut down for a week in mid july so I could come in with an environmental suit and respirator and climb under the solid waste ($hit) conveyor belts, remove the old tile that was coming up, and replace it with new quarry tile and epoxy grout. All these little iddy biddy $hit flies flying around my face, and that STANK!! Even with the suit and respirator, it STILL got into me somehow, and it was all I could smell even after work!! My boss at the time paid me triple time to do it, and even that wouldn't be enough to get me to do it again.

Dave Gobis 02-21-2010 04:17 PM

My favorite least favorite thing was running a jamb saw through a door casing only to find out it was the dog's favorite pee spot.

Guess the worst that happen was we were part of a tile and urnial replacement contract. Was working in a middle school, kid came in and started to use the one next to where I was working. Asked him to move to another and he turned and pee'd on me.

Muddman 02-21-2010 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by Bill
so I could come in with an environmental suit and respirator and climb under the solid waste ($hit) conveyor belts,

:bow:...and we have a winner...

La_Floors 02-21-2010 04:47 PM

No doubt Bill, you had to be hungry to work under those conditions. Doesn't get any nastier than shat flies buzzing the tower. Can't forget about the piss smell while cutting jambs as someone above mentioned.

Bill Vincent 02-21-2010 04:56 PM

Man, it was gross. I can't count how many bathrooms I've gone into where they've pissed and crapped in the tubs, or public bathrooms where people have pissed all over the concrete. Not a one of em held a candle to this place. No way in hell-- not for ANY money (that someone would be willing to pay me!) ever again.

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