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fishone4 11-11-2009 02:27 AM

can this job be done?????
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I'm needing some advise and idea's about a project I would like to do in my home. My kitchen , livingroom and dining area is all one big room. My kitchen has wood floors with some in front of the entry ways also. I would like to get rid of the carpet and wood flooring and replace it with proclain tiles. the room measures 37 ft 9in X21ft 2 this is before you minus my counter top space etc. I've added attached pictures to get a better understanding.,my back counter is 11ft 3in X1ft8in. I also have the counter space in the middle which is 8.5 ft x2.5ft. I have a hallway that I would like to do. It measures 3ft 6.5 in X12 feet. I have a fireplace that also comes out from the wall so I know I have to take off the measurements for that6ft 3in X2ft2in. My measurements may not be the best I tried to get them without any help from anyone . but they should be close. Now the tricky part, I also have an entry way, that I would like to tile , is it possible to tile my stairs also? I have some coming up to my living area an also going down. My house is a bi-level if that helps. Would doing the whole room in tile look bad, including the entry way, stairs and hallway. I also have baseboards/molding around my floors , would that need to be removed, I did pull the carpet and padding up in a corner and was able to put a tile under it, If i have to remove the baseboard I will possibly damage the wallpaper, and I just painted my walls this pass year. I have plywood under my carpet, would I need to use backingboard? I have about $3000 to do this job, but don't want to spend it all because if it goes well I would like to redo my bathrom upstairs. Any idea on a pattern for the tiles, I would like to use 12x12 with some 6x6 patterns in the doorways areas, and maybe to separate the kitchen area. please tell me your thoughts an ideas, and if you think I could do this and have it done before christmas, my daughter is deploying right after Christmas and I have lots of family coming, I would love to get rid of the carpet, before then, with the snow and such it gets so dirty, I'm so tired of having it cleaned plus during the summer we have people running in and out wet from the pool. Thanks in advance for your help an ideas

Kman 11-11-2009 03:20 AM

Hello, Dana.

I figured your measurements up (very quickly) and came up with somewhere around 750' not including the stairs or entry. Divide that into $3,000 and you get $4 a square foot.

I'm afraid that's not going to get you anywhere near what you are wanting to do. If you find a decent tile for $2 a foot, that leaves only $2 for tearing out the existing floor, installation of the underlayment and tile, and all the necessary materials to do that. I dare say in the cheapest of markets *cough, Florida* you would not be able to get your flooring done for that amount of money.

You could probably do a part of the floor if you wanted for that amount, but you would need to plan ahead so that you could continue the new flooring on out as available funds permit. Don't let anybody convince you that they can do the job for that amount of money, as you would probably get exactly what you paid for.

Hammy 11-11-2009 06:55 AM

Dana, No , no & no. As Kevin stated there is not enough money in the budget to accomplish this unless you did all the work yourself and then it would be close. And doing it yourself would not fit in your desired time frame in my estimation. Hammy

johnfrwhipple 11-11-2009 07:04 AM

room to room layout
With this layout you will have to be so accurate.

Tile layout from room to room is key. If you hire a budget crew they will start with one straight line and go from there. Everything will be great until they go around the corner and down the hall and back around to the other side and they notice the tile doesn't line up with the first courses.

That and you need expansion joints.

Baseboard has to come out so you can cover the exterior expansion or you need to add in a shoe molding or quarter round.

Porclean 12"x12" tiles are very slippery when wet unless you find one with texture.

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