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scott anthony 08-23-2006 03:27 AM

pool trick shots must see
If you can appreciate billiards this guy has it figured out.

dgunnels 08-23-2006 05:34 AM

It's neat but I think some of that must be faked or setup. Balls don't curve unless caused to do so. It's against the laws of physics. Still, it's pretty neat.

MHI 08-23-2006 05:59 AM

See the size of the room He is playing in? Thats how he got so good at doing masse shots.:)

bbcamp 08-23-2006 08:14 AM

You put enough spin on the ball, it'll curve!

Davestone 08-23-2006 07:30 PM

I've seen a lot of those shots before, but that's pretty impressive. :clap2:

Hamilton 08-25-2006 09:53 PM

Wow :x:

Tool Guy - Kg 08-25-2006 10:17 PM

I'm surprise there isn't a mess of holes in the slate from practicing all those masse shots.

Didja notice how totally worn the cloth is on that table around the perimeter? I can't imagine how much that guy practices. Wow!

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